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Thank you for your interest in Suffolk University Law School’s online program in legal innovation and technology.

For new registrations, please follow the process set out below. If you previously paid for a course in the certificate program and want to register and pay for an additional course, please contact legaltechcertificate@suffolk.edu.

The cost to take all six courses and obtain the certificate is $15,887. You can pay for all six courses at once or pay for them as you go. The cost of the certificate program is the same either way.

If you do not plan to complete the certificate or are unsure if you will do so, you can simply pay for as many courses as you are interested in taking at this time. The price of the first course you take is $3,075, and each subsequent courses is discounted using the pricing shown below.

  • 1st class — $3,075.00
  • 2nd class — $2,972.00
  • 3rd class — $2,770.00
  • 4th class — $2,560.00
  • 5th class — $2,360.00
  • 6th class — $2,150.00

Note that you will receive an additional discount of 10% for all coursework purchased before March 1, 2018.

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